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5 Reasons to Hire a Local Pest Control Company

Almost every homeowner will have to call a pest control service at some point. Whether to help you fight a roach infestation or remove a wasp's nest, you will count on the company you hire for prompt, effective services. So how do you know which pest control company to choose? Should you go with a large, national company or a smaller, local business?
In most cases, you're better off hiring a local pest control company. Here's why.

1. Familiarity With Local Pests

Different pests present different problems in different areas. For example, yellow sac spiders and Oriental cockroaches are common pests in California, but not in every state. When you hire a large, national pest control company, they do not always have specific knowledge of the common pests in your local area. A small, local company that exclusively operates in your community, on the other hand, will have firsthand experience with the biggest local nuisances.
A local company may also be of more help when it comes to preventative measures. For instance, they will know when certain seasonal pests become an issue in your area and can, therefore, advise you on the best time of year to seal certain areas, spray portions of your landscape, and so forth. A larger, national company, on the other hand, may not keep track of the specific seasonal trends for the many areas they service.

2. Familiarity With Local Laws

The pest control industry is heavily regulated, especially when it comes to pesticide use. The laws governing use of pesticides vary by state, and sometimes even by county. A large, national company that operates in many jurisdictions may not be able to keep track of the variety in regulations. You can count on a local company to know and abide by the specific regulations in your area. You won't have to worry about your safety or the risk of fines.

3. Community Investment

When you hire any local company, including local pest control companies, you are keeping money in your community. Locally owned businesses often contract with and buy from other local businesses. So the money you spend on pest control helps spur on the local economy and create local jobs across multiple industries.
Small, local businesses also require less infrastructure than big, national companies. A greater percentage of the money you pay actually supports the hardworking employees.

4. Readily Available Reviews

Although online reviews can be helpful, they are not as meaningful as feedback from someone you know in person. When you hire a local pest control company, there is a good chance they have previously done some work for a family member, friend, or coworker of yours. You can ask these previous customers what they thought of the pest control service and receive honest, relevant feedback.
On the contrary, with big, national companies, you may find a lot of reviews from people outside your community. A review that says a pest control company did a good job in Minnesota does not necessarily mean they will do a good job in your California home.

5. Quick, Personalized Service

When your pest control company is just down the street and only provides service in a designated area, you often get faster, more personalized service. Since many pests reproduce quickly - cockroaches can produce thousands of young in weeks - time is of the essence when treating any infestation. A large, national company servicing many areas may have a more complex scheduling process or take too long to get back to you.
So are you ready to go local for your pest control needs? Bob's Community Pest Control services Merced, Madera, and Mariposa Counties. We're a member of the Pest Control Operators Association of California, and we take pride in our prompt, professional service. Contact us today for an instant quote.