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Bed Bug Myths Debunked: Sleep Tight Knowing the Facts

They hang out in places where you rest, such as your bed, sofa, or recliner. They come out after dark and drink your blood for sustenance. They are hard to see, difficult to catch in action, and super sneaky. Bed bugs are such a scary pest that just the mere mention of these creepy critters can leave a homeowner fearful to close his or her eyes and go to sleep at night.

Since bed bugs are such a scary pest to think about, they get a lot of conversation time among people. Unfortunately, these conversations about bed bugs tend to involve many myths that simply are not true. If you truly want to protect your home and quality of sleep, you should get fa
miliar with the common myths about this pest and the facts you must know.

Myth: Bed Bugs Can Spread Diseases

If you go on vacation and a few weeks later discover a bed bug problem, you will have little doubt as to where the pests came from. For some, the idea of packing home these unwanted houseguests brings along an even bigger concern: Do bed bugs transmit diseases? This is a perfectly logical question to ask. After all, who knows whose blood fed the bug before it bit you? 

Thankfully, bed bugs are not known to transmit diseases or carry diseases between one host and the next. According to the Centers for Disease Control, bed bugs don't help spread diseases. The only real medical concern you will have is if you have an allergic reaction to their bites or sustain many bites at one time.

Myth: Bed Bugs Are Impossible to Eliminate

Bed bugs are highly difficult to get rid of, especially if you have a full-on infestation and decide not to get professional help from an exterminator. Yet, you can completely eradicate these even in severe situations with diligence, the right treatment methods, and a little time. Some of the methods used by pest control agencies include:
  • A thorough investigation to find out where the bugs are nesting
  • Elimination of clutter and nesting areas
  • Heat treatment to kill bed bugs and their eggs in rooms or on furniture
  • Pesticide treatments
  • Traps designed to capture bed bugs when they come out at night
A professional exterminator will attempt bed bug eradication by combining multiple methods to achieve the best plan of eradication, and this will usually involve a little input and follow-through from you. But with the right level of attention, bed bugs can be eliminated.

Myth: Bed Bugs Only Thrive in Dirty Homes

Much like cockroaches, you have a common myth that people with clean homes do not get bed bugs, and if they do, the pests do not stick around very long. During an interview with Dateline NBC, a military career bug expert, stated:

"Infestations of common bed bugs, Cimex lectularius L., are not directly related to sanitation levels." 

Bed bugs are attracted to your body heat and you as a food source, so even if you lived in a spick-and-span place with zero clutter, dirt, or grime, bed bugs could still be an issue. The only thing about having a messy house is it could give the bugs more places to hide than usual, which can make your home harder to treat.

To discover that you have bed bugs in your home is a scary situation to be in, but the situation does not have to be as scary or threatening as you might expect. Reach out to us at Bob's Community Pest Control for professional pest control advice and service you can trust.