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Trusted Roach Control in Merced

There are very few situations in which a cockroach on the floor is a welcome sight. If you have encountered this unfortunate scene, it is a good idea to schedule roach control as soon as possible. Bob’s Community Pest Control offers cockroach control to clients throughout the greater Merced area. We can exterminate American cockroach, German cockroach and Oriental cockroach infestations using our advanced insect control methods. Trust us to get rid of roaches for good and evict any other uninvited pest guests.

Removal and Prevention for Your Home or Business

We are committed to eliminating the bugs in your home or office, and our removal methods are some of the most advanced in the pest control industry. We specialize in extermination and treatment options that eliminate pests completely. We do so with the goal of avoiding the use of chemicals inside your home unless it is completely necessary. If you are interested in prevention, we can implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan to help ensure roaches are gone for good. This approach utilizes the following principles:
  • Strategic control of pest population
  • Mitigation of economic impact
  • Monitoring pest populations
  • Implementation of preventative actions

Eliminating Infestations

Roaches are known as one of the most disgusting pests around, and it’s not without reason. These insects are unclean and unsightly, so of course you want to have them removed if you notice an infestation. Bob’s Community Pest Control offers comprehensive roach control to clients in the greater Merced area. We can contain and eliminate an infestation, so if you are having bug trouble, call us for service. We also provide ant removal and other pest control options to keep your home and business safe and clean. For more information or to schedule an estimate, please call us at 209-722-9923.