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A rat in a house

Focusing on Rodent Control in Merced

Chewed up electrical wires, the chance of contracting disease and increased danger of fire are just a few of the risks associated with the presence of rodents. If you are in need of rodent control, it’s important to call in a professional for mouse or rat control sooner rather than later. Bob’s Community Pest Control is the top mouse exterminator serving the greater Merced area, and we can provide extermination and prevention pest control to get rid of rodents for good. We can help you get rid of the house and deer mice or Norway and roof rats in your home or office.

We Get Rid of Mice, Rats, Gophers and More

Mice and rats aren’t the only rodents you may be dealing with. You may also find a ground squirrel or gopher invasion to contend with. We can provide extermination and exclusion for removal of these pests. Getting rid of a pocket gopher population is particularly important if they are present in schools, parks, yards, lawns or fields. These rodents can create tunnels and pits that make it difficult to use an area of land safely. We can remedy the problem and restore the affected area to a safe state.

Extermination for Safety

Whether or not the sight of a mouse frightens you, you certainly don’t want them running around in your home or office. In addition to the disturbance, they can be a health risk and a source of damage. That’s why it’s important to invest in rodent control and extermination if you happen to see mice or rats. Bob’s Community Pest Control offers comprehensive pest control services, including bed bug extermination, to residential and commercial clients throughout the greater Merced area. If you would like more information or an estimate, reach out to us at 209-722-9923.