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Pest Control Testimonials in Merced, California

Great service and an awesome price. Bob's handled my residential pest spraying until I sold my house recently. They even let me get out of my 1 yr contract when the new owner did not want to renew service. No one better in Merced County.
Jay M.
From Santa Cruz, CA. 2012
I've been meaning to write this review since the day I received the service. I called Bob's Community Pest Control because of the Yelp reviews. Right from the start, I was told in detail what my service included. I didn't have to ask or assume. Very friendly - very professional - very knowledgeable. With the start of summer, I wanted piece of mind that I wouldn't have to deal with any creepy crawlers around my house. Why wouldn't you want to pay a few bucks a month not to deal with them? I had them at least spray the outside and inside the garage, until I get my carpets clean in a few weeks. Then I'll have the inside sprayed. When I arrive home on the day of the spray, (I can't remember the person's name-but I'm going to find out) but noticed he brought my trash cans in from the morning pick up. I also had a metal PG&E panel on the outside that he re-attached. He cleaned off all the webs from under the roof area and left a few treats for my dog. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and kindness, along with great service.
Shari P.
From Merced, CA. 2016
just recently had a bug infestation. after price checking a few places, i decided to go with bob's community pest control because of two reviews on yelp. Only one other place was slightly cheaper in Merced but they were quick to tell me no guarantees which I understand but a business that has to tell people that when they first pick up the phone gives me a bad feeling. Bill was the guy they sent. Extremely nice guy, checked the whole house. Gave me an reasonable estimate (300-400 hundred, which is amazing compared to the 1200 quoted by clarks) and was very much honest with me. They scheduled me in within the next week and were meticulous. Two weeks after that they came and checked to see how bad the infestation was. They did another spray just to be on the safe side at no cost (most other places charge again or add it to the price). A month in and my place is very much bug free. Highly Recommended.
Daniel R.
From Merced, CA 2013