Commonly Asked Pest Control Questions & Answers

What Are the Most Common Types of Pests in a Home or Business?
The most common types of pests in a home or business are ants, spiders, bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, moths, rodents and weevils.

Why Do Pests Come Into My Home or Business?
Pests can come into your home or business for many reasons, including a change in weather or the need to look for food.

What Can I do to Keep Pests Out of My Home or Business?
Pests often enter through cracks or openings in doorways, floorboards and windows.  Regular pest control services will aid in keeping pests away from your home or business throughout the various seasons.

The Following Will Also Help In Controlling Unwanted Pests:
Keep shrubs away from your home and business
Keep branches and leaves off of the roof
Do not over water
Seal cracks and crevices
Remove debris and clutter from around the home or business.

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